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Four, echo repeat teaching method
This method changes the size of solitaire uses voice to learn new words, let the students learn in the game, easy to master new knowledge. Specific operations are: according to the specific circumstances of the class, it is divided into several groups, a general group of about 5 peo is better. The teacher read aloud a word, students according to the teacher's constantly adjust the volume bigger or smaller, when the teacher to read aloud the words, the students in the back in order from strong to weak voice to read the word, when the teacher whispered to read the words, behind the students in turn from weak to strong voice read aloud words. After the activities such as repeated two or three times, can let the student to be a teacher, in the form of group, so that it can expand the interaction surface, increasing the number and the number of participating students, eliminate the psychological fear of difficulty, so that all students have the opportunity to speak English independently. This paper is written and collated by hellokid English network www.hellokid.com
But this method is difficult for students to grasp. The operation will be terminated by a small mistake by an individual student, and it will be better to divide the student of the same degree in the group.
这种方法聘用互动双方读音声调截然不同的方法来完成。比如:老师sometimes  loudly(大声),学生sometimes small(小声),老师sometimes up(升调),学生sometimes down(降调),反之截然。这种方法很适合进行小组竞赛,利用小组竞赛来激发学生学习的积极性,提高小组团结协作的精神,培养集体荣誉感。具体操作是:由每组派一个学生上台来站成一排,由老师或一个语音较好的学生来说单词,上台学生做出相应的反应,错的被罚下台,由本组的另一同学接着进行, 后看看哪一组同学留下 多,多则获胜。本论文由hellokid英语网www.hellokid.com整理提供
Five, opposite read teaching method
This method is accomplished by means of contrasting pronunciations and tones of each other. For exam: teacher sometimes loudly (loudly), student sometimes small (low voice), teacher sometimes up
(d), sometimes (falling), and the students are. This method is suitable for group competition, the use of group competition to stimulate the enthusiasm of students learning, improve the team spirit of unity and cooperation, and cultivate a sense of collective honor. The specific operation is: from a student came to stand in a row, a teacher or a good student speech words, students to respond accordingly, wrong penalty to step down, followed by the other students of this group, and finally see which group of students left the most, more than winning. This paper is written and collated by hellokid English network www.hellokid.com
If you have time, how many times can you do it?. This method is very interesting, students like it very much. When they use it, they often laugh constantly. The students keep repeating the new words in their laughter




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