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        From birth, the baby has the ability to perceive and recognize the world. Parents should not underestimate. This article will teach you how to make the early education for babies ages 0 to 1!


    1、眼神的交流 当可爱的宝宝睁开双眼时,你一定要把握住这短暂的第一时刻,用温柔地延伸凝视她.要知道,婴儿早期就能认清别人的脸,每次当他看着你的时候,都在加深对你的记忆.


    the eye contact When the lovely baby open your eyes, you must grasp this brief for the first time, with extended stare at her softly. You know, early infant can recognize others' face, every time when he looks at you, deepen memory for you.


        2、呀呀儿语 你看到的可能只是一张天真无邪,不谙世事的小脸,但不妨给他一点机会,让他也能和你交谈.很快,他就会捕捉到与你交流的节奏,不时地插入几句自己的"言语".


    2, babbling baby talk You see may only be a innocent, not the face, but might as well give him a chance, let he can talk to you. Soon, he will capture the rhythm, to communicate with you from time to time, insert a few words of his own "words".


    3、母乳喂养 尽可能地用母乳哺喂宝宝.妈妈在哺乳的同时,给宝宝哼唱儿歌,轻声细语地与他交谈,温柔地抚摸他的头发,这样可以增进你们的亲子关系.


    breastfeeding Feeding the baby with breast milk feed as soon as possible. Mother while breastfeeding, baby singing children's songs, talking with he whispered, gently stroked his hair, so that we can improve parent-child relationship.  


        4、感觉差异 把两幅较为相似的画放在距离宝宝8—12寸的地方,比如,其中一幅画中有棵树,而另一幅中没有,宝宝一定会两眼骨碌碌地转,去寻找其中的不同.这对宝宝今后的识字和阅读能力大有帮助.


    4, the difference of feeling Put two more similar picture baby from 8-12 inch place, for exam, one of the picture of a tree, and not in another, the baby will turn to two eyes which were ga zi ng, to find the difference. It is of great help to the baby in the future the literacy and reading ability.


        5、共同分享 带宝宝外出散步的时候,不时地跟他说你所看到的东西——"看,那是一只小狗!"、"好大的一棵树啊!"、"宝贝,有没有听到铃声了吗?"…… 大限度地赋予宝宝扩充词汇的机会吧.


     When sharing a walk with your baby, talk to him from time to time what you see -- "look, it's a puppy!" ", "what a big tree! "Baby, did you hear the bell?" ...... Maximize your baby's chances of expanding vocabulary.


        6、共同歌唱 尽量多学一些歌曲,不妨自己改编歌词,在任何情况下都可以给宝宝唱歌,还可以让宝宝听一些优美动听的歌曲,研究表明,在音乐的熏陶下,有助于孩子数学的学习.


    together singing Might as well try to learn some songs, based on their own lyrics, under any circumstances for the baby can sing, can let the baby also listen to some beautiful moving songs, studies have shown that under the influence of music, help children learn mathematics.


       8. 丢丢捡捡 看着小家伙把东西从桌子上一样又一样地扔到地上,虽然你的头都快气炸了,可你还得坚持不懈地去捡哦,因为你的宝宝正在探索"地球引力"的奥秘呢.如果方便,你还可以给他几个乒乓球,并在他的桌子下放一个篮子,让他瞄准,发射!


     diu diu pick up looked at the boy and put the things from the table to throw to the ground, while your head is almost mad, but you have to constantly go to pick up oh, because your baby is exploring the mystery of the "gravity". If it's convenient, you can give him a few table tennis, and down a basket on his table, let he aimed, fired!


        9、揉纸巾 如果宝宝喜欢从盒子里抽取纸巾,就随他去吧!看着他把纸巾揉成一团,再看着他将其展开,花几分钱就能有一个可以训练宝宝感官能力的好玩物,何乐而不为呢?你也可以把小玩具藏在纸巾下面让他找,不过,当宝宝找到的时候,一定要大加赞赏哦!


    Knead a tissue. If the baby likes to extract tissue from the box, let him. Watch him crum up the paper towel, watch him unfold it, and spend a few cents to have a good plaything that can train your baby's senses. Why not? You can also hide small toys under a paper towel for him to look for, but when the baby is found, be sure to praise it!


        10、让宝宝自己做主 在适当的时候可以让宝宝在两者之间自由选择,例如让他自己挑选吃饭的小碗.这样他会感到非常自豪,因为他的决定受到了你们的重视.


    let the baby at the appropriate time to be your own boss can let the baby to the freedom to choose between the two, such as let him choose to eat a small bowl. So he will feel very proud, because of his decision by your attention.




 family photo album. The pictures of my family and friends and relatives into a photo album, pace, often helps the baby to enhance memory. When grandma called, might as well let the baby while on the phone, grandma kind face looking at the photograph.













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