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  Today is the National Day, the motherland mother x years old. From October 1, 1949, Chinese people have stood up from now on, will not be bullied by foreigners!

  From 8:30 in the morning, I sat in front of the TV with relish watching TV, today has a decade of military parade! This is a good chance comes once in a blue moon! Ten o 'clock, the parade began, each of the army of the security forces have self-respect, hundreds of people in the footsteps of all walk very forceful, neat pace, as there is only one in step. A military officer square is the most memorable to me, although it is a girl, but also as good as male police go. A military officer, square with the simple and spirited steps is coming. Women square is the largest number of people will be permitted by the review of all infantry square, a total of 378 people tested, among them, the team leader has three people, more than other contingent 26 people, is really has been extraordinary team! From the expressions on the faces of women, I can see that, they are very confident, I feel that each of us Chinese people the sound of my soul: I am proud, I belong to China! Long live the motherland! Our China has not previously that laughed at by foreigners in the country, but a make Chinese people proud of our great motherland, through the unity of the Chinese people's efforts, we have to get rid of the so called sick man of Asia, the Chinese people have not humiliated by foreigners.

  In the morning, I at the top there feel cheery scene: National Day everywhere full of red lanterns and the five-star red flag of China. The ground is very clean, as if even a trace of dust are visible.

  In the evening, the road all the lights are bright, colorful lights on the road, the street like a set with a string of beautiful pearls, passing pedestrians as if put on beautiful coat. At 8:45 this points, I stood on the balcony, open the window, ready to watch the fireworks in the center of the convention and exhibition, my house is opposite the convention and exhibition center, so the fireworks look very clear. Some fireworks fly to the sky like a meteor, some like a chrysanthemum, colorful, color. "Door" flowers bloom for a short while, just shy of embarrassed pendency head. Suddenly, there was some fireworks coming toward me, I'm afraid of hiding, fireworks although the feeling is very close to, but want to grasp it with the hand when he was like a naughty boy, disappeared without a trace.

  The National Day I very happy, although I don't have to go somewhere else, however, at home and watch the parade, it is more meaningful than to travel, isn't it?


  从早上8:30分,我就坐在电视机前津津有味的看电视了,今天有十年一遇的阅兵仪式啊!这可是个千载难逢的好机会啊!10点钟,阅兵仪式开始了,每个军队的*们都昂首挺胸,几百人的脚步都走得铿锵有力,步伐整齐,像只有一个人在踏步一般。 令我难忘的是三军女警方队,虽然是女孩子,但是也不比男警走的差。看,三军女警方队迈着雄赳赳,气昂昂的步子走来了。女兵方阵是所有受检阅方队中人数 多的步兵方阵,共有378人受检,其中,领队就有3人,比其他徒步方队多26人,真是一直不平凡的队伍啊!从女兵的面部表情上,我看得出,她们很自信,我感受到了我们每个中国人发自肺腑的声音:我骄傲,我属于中国!祖国万岁!我们的中国已经不是从前那个被外国人嘲笑的国家了,而是一个令中国人民骄傲的伟大祖国,经过中国人民的团结努力,我们已经摆脱掉那个所谓的东亚病夫了,中国人民已经不受外国人的屈辱了。





  "11" the National Day is the day of the founding of the People's Republic of China, people of all ethnic groups gathered to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. The streets of holiday is busy, bustling, foil the festive atmosphere not only, also shows the prosperity. Various merchants to take this long holiday, people the prime time of leisure shopping, various sales promotion means. The dizzying between buying and selling.

  11 National Day is the birthday of the motherland, not only adult's day off, but also the happy days of primary school students. Busy parents can out of your work, you can keep us company, evisceration. Look at the street adult child happy smiling face, shows the life of abundance and happiness everywhere. In the days of joy, don't forget the hard life of the old man. Don't because they lose mobility opportunities with family reunions. Our grandparents need is not money and material is warmth and affection of children and grandchildren RaoXi. Let me happy laughter door to disperse them in solitude.

  In the days of joy, when we desultory. Don't forget that in the distant mountains, there are still many, many dressed in rags, the food is not full, no tuition children. All this will still be our efforts to change.

  I hope the next National Day, the real celebrating the country. Let China and even the world without poverty and war!






  October 1 of each year is the annual National Day of our great motherland mother's birthday. With the ups and downs, we have the mother of the motherland 55 years of age, this day, to celebrate the nation are celebrating the holiday.

  Early in the morning, we went to the school, at school, students have a blackboard, drawing; do some greeting cards, the Zhutibanhui; there through the diary, in the form of poetry to express their love for the motherland's mother . National Day vacation, the students get out of the house, together with parents, to visit historical sites and enjoy the great culture of the motherland. Hanging at the entrance of the store balloons and bunting, red, yellow, green ... ... filled with a festive atmosphere. Inside voices that are discounted, to carry out series of promotional activities. Sea of people on the street, even buying the car to a long row of the team have to play good, and so on for a long time. Scenic areas like the long queue of visitors, countless men, women and children in the best of them, people are taking advantage of the holiday play out. Almost no empty parking places, restaurants, hotel revenues must be substantial.

  Beijing distant uncle called to tell us that the Beijing National Day extraordinary excitement. I would like to go to Beijing to see Tiananmen Square to see the face of our great capital city, uncle and I have an appointment next year in conjunction with the summer tour Beijing.

  National Day is a happy day, really raise people's living standards rapidly. We are in the embrace of the motherland's mother, the well-being, happiness and growth, mother of the motherland is willing to always beautiful, always prosperity of the motherland is willing to prosper year after year, developed!














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