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Three, the use of advanced multimedia to improve students' interest in learning

Multimedia English teaching can arouse the text, images, sounds, images and other forms of teaching and learning activities, can provide a large number of real, fresh language materials and all kinds of information, greatly enrich the teaching contents, improve students' learning interest and learning quality, as the Russian educator Ushinski said: "without the slightest interest in the mandatory learning. Will stifle students in pursuit of the truth of desire." To arouse the students' desire, teachers should make use of multimedia to create more vivid and vivid language communication situation. For exam in teaching color words, in traditional English teaching, we have only the blackboard and textbooks presented to students, give students the visual impact is relatively small, we only use one or two pairs of pictures and explanations in Chinese English word meaning is not comprehensive, only by more students through the imagination to understand, but if we the use of multimedia link colors and words, can arouse the enthusiasm of the students, and promote students to learn the content of deep processing in the brain, can deepen understanding, so as to improve the efficiency of memory.
The multimedia computer is introduced into the classroom, and the teaching is changed from injection to heuristic. This paper is organized by hellokid English network www.hellokid.com
Not only the teacher-student relationship has changed, but also the teacher's role has changed. The task of a teacher is no longer a mere teacher of knowledge, but a professor of instruction, a guide to learning, and, to some extent, a collaborator in communication. And students also change the passive learning status, actively participate in the teaching activities, become the active inquiry discoverer of knowledge.
Multimedia technology has been widely applied in English classrooms, and it has brought infinite vitality and vitality to English classes. The multimedia technology in language, graphics, text, data and animation, the "textbook silent" into the real scene full of sound and colour, can attract students to actively participate in feelings and actions, but at the same time, we also can't deny, multimedia technology has been largely used at the same time in elementary school English teaching. In the classroom "more", "frequency", "abuse", "flower" the use of multimedia technology, contrary to the law of students' cognition and our teaching rules. In short, we should dialectical view of multimedia technology in the classroom, the appropriate use of multimedia technology, teachers must be based on the cognitive and psychological characteristics of students, teaching content, teaching tasks, students' practical in use and many other factors to consider, using multimedia, the best starting point for reasonable selection of the services and teaching, make English teaching more vitality.
As the saying goes, teaching method, teaching method, in your well, teachers should flexibly apply various teaching methods and means in the classroom, the classroom atmosphere relaxed and happy and exciting, attention of students interested and involuntary attention alternately, students are always actively involved in, and to make students really interested. In short, teachers should according to time, this thesis is composed of hellokid English network www.hellokid.com consolidation due to, because of the creation of new, rich and colorful scene of the game and teaching, appropriate and reasonable use of multimedia to stimulate students' interest in classroom teaching, to arouse the attention of their learning, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, to improve English Classroom Teaching
多媒体技术在英语课堂中得到了广泛的应用,给英语课堂带来了无穷的生机和活力。多媒体技术在语言、图形、文字、数据、动画、“教科书沉默”到真实场景有声有色,能吸引学生积极参与的情绪和行为,但同时,我们也不能否认,多媒体技术已广泛应用于小学英语教学同一时间。在课堂上“多”、“频”、“滥”、“花”的多媒体技术的运用,违背了学生的认知规律和我们的教学规律。总之,我们应该在课堂教学中多媒体技术的辩证的观点,多媒体技术的恰当运用,教师必须根据学生的认知特点、教学内容、教学任务和学生的实际心理,使用和其他因素的考虑,利用多媒体技术,对服务和教学的合理选择 好的出发点,使英语教学更具活力。









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